My way of work is guided by three basic principles:
, Loyalty and Passion


I am aiming to achieve for my clients pragmatic results through practical advice supported by close cooperation and open dialogue. My work is done not before successfully implemented. Professionalism is evident not only in a business-oriented attitude and artisanal quality of services, but also in dealing with conflicts or when reaching personal limits.


It is important to me, without affecting the independence of my advisory capacity, to build a trustful and fair working relationship to my clients and their employees. This creates sustainable identification with the client. I am convinced that loyalty being understood that way, leads to higher quality results.


Outstanding achievements are the results of a special motivation. I do not consider my work as contractually owed duty. Rather, I enjoy the demanding tasks of Finance Executives – especially in private equity constellations –  and feel enthusiastic about the dynamically changing industry of technology-based financial services. This is what motivates me continuously and enables me getting involved persistently for the goals of my clients.


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